Review: Petunia Skincare Derma Roller

Previously I've tried out the Petunia Skincare Vitamin C Serum and really loved it, so when the company offers to send me another product I immediately said yes, without even realizing what they were going to send me. So you can imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found a needle roller. Of course being the trooper I am, I decided to try it out anyway, as it ends up I quite like the Derma Roller. 

I was quite impressed with how the Petunia Skincare Derma Roller came to me, inside the box was a soft plastic sort of safety precaution packaging that was a little hard to open, and then a hard plastic case that the Derma Roller was in, which is a reusable and necessary storage device. The device itself is an opaque white plastic with a blue roller and grey metal needles that are 1.00 mm. 

To use just roll over skin, up to five times criss cross, and back to front. I expected this to hurt, like really bad, but although I could feel it, it just felt a little itchy and as soon as I went over the spot it stopped itching. After only two uses I noticed that I had less visible scaring, even though I didn't to the rigorous rolling (that causes bleeding) which I know some other people do. 

Verdict: I think a lot of people take this whole rolling thing too far. They do it weekly and are just fine with making themselves bleed. To start with you should only be doing it once a month, and never so much that it could cause your skin more issues than it had before. I love the Petunia Skincare Derma Roller, it's a great tool as long as you use it responsibly. 

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