Review: Petbrosia Unique Dog Food

In the mail  came a package I had been waiting for, for what seemed like forever but to tell the truth was only four days... a dog food shipment from Petbrosia. Ever since trying out dehydrated for food for checkers, I had been thinking about what my dog should really be eating. So when I found out about Petbrosia and their specially formulated food for each individual dog, I was extremely interested and very excited that they agreed to send me a 10 pound bag for Checkers to try out. Before I go any further though let me explain how it works. 

When you go onto the Petbrosia site you start by typing in your pet's name, then if they're a dog or cat and what breed. Depending on the breed you pick (or if you pick cat) you'll get another thing to pick from their hair length. Then fill in their gender and birthdate, as well as weight and activity level, any allergies or extra info you want them to know. After that you can just pick out the size of food that you want to order, and then check out shipping is fast and free.

The box came right to my door, with their colorful logo of a dog and cat in white on an orange background, and the same dog and cat on the top of the box with the Petbrosia name. Opening it up, the top had coupons for Pet Alive products (high value ones) a brochure talking about Petbrosia and most importantly Checkers my dog's nutrition plan. There is a percentage with fat, protein, and fiber as well as calories and how much I should be feeding her per day. The most interesting part though are the ingredients, starting from the top. Salmon, Chick Peas, Sweet Potato, Pinto Beans, Navy Beans, Peas... The list goes on of things I actually know how to pronounce, something I can't say about a lot of the foods I eat. 

But the big question I'm sure is if Checkers really liked it. Of course she did, but the big deal was that I noticed an improvement in her skin and fur after just a week, something that has been an issue with her since she's gotten older. She seems more active too. So even though Petbrosia is a lot more expensive than the grocery store dog food, there are some huge benefits to using it. 

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