Review: Ozeri Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener

As you may already know I'm a big fan of Ozeri. I've reviewed their Duo Salt and Pepper Grinder, Digital Pedometer, Green Earth Frying Pan, and Thermo Drinking Glasses each of those products I loved. So when Ozeri offered me the chance to try out their Nouveaux Electric Wine Opener I didn't even hesitate before saying yes. I got mine in black but it's also available in red and silver. Everything came in the box, and by everything, I mean a charging stand the wine opener itself, a bonus foil cutter and a tool so that you can pour unused wine back into the bottle. Not something I would do, but I know for sure that my grandmother would be interested in that. 

Honestly there was no setup required. I simply found the cord, plugged it into the charging base and then put the wine opener on that. The light will flash red until fully charged when it will flash green. Going from zero charge to full charge did take a few hours but you can totally use it before then if you need it. 
To use it is very simple. Just press the down arrow on the button that is on the side of the electric wine opener and keep doing that until it's completely out. The you take it off the wine bottle and press the button until it comes out of the wine opener. Of course you have to take the foil off of the wine bottle first, which is very easy with the included foil cutter. If you don't drink all your wine, and don't want to pour it out, that's no problem because you can just pour it in using the bonus tool. I've been using this wine opener for a little while now, and I'm very impressed by it. It isn't loud and holds a charge for a long time without having to be put back on the charger although it is easy enough to story it that way. I love the simple design. 

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