Review: One Direction Up all Night 4+1 Eye Shadow Palette

1D- more-than-this-gotta-be-you-save-you-tonight-another-world-up-all-night
Even though One Direction isn't a band that I'm absolutely in love with, although I do like a few of their songs, the more I play with and review their Up All Night makeup collection, the more I love the band. There are so many great pieces in the collection, that I was very excited to see how well this 4+1 eye shadow palette worked. Plus I have a feeling that for most of you guys this eye shadow pallet is the make or break product for you to decide if you want to buy the Up All Night makeup collection that 1D has put out. 

This palette us a hard plastic square with a fadeout brink that is is seen throughout this collection. I'm actually a huge fan of how it goes to transparent so that you can have a peak at the colors inside. The lid is a a plastic snape kind, and underneath you can see any eyeshadow sponge and brush. I like how the colors are set up and the brush, something I haven't seen in other palettes is a nice touch. 
From left to right More Than This / Save You Tonight / Up All Night / Another World / Gotta Be You  . More Than this is a peachy pink, and although it barely gives off any pay off I think it's a gorgeous color. It's perfect for one of those light make up days. A stark contrast is Save You Tonight a vivid light almost neon looking blue that swatches with a  lot of opacity and is for a look that's a little more wild. The only color I didn't like was the bonus eyeshadow, Up All Night. It looks glittery and great, but trying to swatch it, it kind of looks like it wasn't mixed right because the underside is a different color.  The other reason I don't like Up All Night is because it looks like a poor swatch of Another World. Another World is a gorgeous dark blue with a ton of sparkle, and is almost a perfect match to the 1D Stand Up Eye and Body Crayon. The last color on my swatch Gotta Be You is a nice everyday neutral, warm brown, that gives a lot of pigment. 

I really like this One Direction 4+1, it comes in very cute packaging and the eyeshadows are nice. To be honest I'd love to have larger pans of all of these eyeshadows except for the Up All Night Color.  

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