Review: One Direction Stencil Set

As a part of the One Direction Up All Night Makeup Kit, I received this set of five stencils. Of course I love stencils, for decorating either my things like folders, and notebooks, or making artwork with, so I thought it was a cute addition to the 1D Makeup Kit. And If you're wanting to show off just how big of a one direction fan you are, I can't imagine anything better than using these stencils with a little bit of eyeliner as body art. 

Starting, like I normally do with the packaging, this stencil set comes in a moderately thick black cardboard envelope. On the front it has pictures of each of the five stencils, in blue, and the words "One Direction Five Piece Decorator Stencil Set" in black which is a little hard to read in some lighting. To open it just pull up and close by refolding it, and placing the top part of the envelope into the slit on the bottom half. 

The One Direction Stencils are smooth and flexible, making it perfect for applying to something that isn't completely straight (your skin for example). They're white and small, 2.5 inches by 1.7 approx. and each one of the five has a different design like triangles, a diamond, a crown, arrows, and lightening bolts, there is a small and a larger one. Because of the material used you can simply wipe these down and they're be clean for your next use. 

Even though you wouldn't normally consider stencils a must have in a makeup kit I think these are great. They're 1D themed are easy to use and clean, and have both a larger and smaller option, so you can get exactly what you want. 

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