Review: One Direction Stand Up Eye and Body Crayon

I've already reviewed a few things from the One Direction Up All Night Makeup Set so I figured I could reward myself a little bit by taking a look at a the product I was initially the most excited about seeing in the collection, the Stand Up eye and body crayon. Although I love how eyeliner looks on, I normally have so much trouble applying it (either it smudges or I don't get an product on my lids) that I've resorted to liquids, but this One Direction Denim colored crayon looked like it could solve my problem. 

Just like the One Direction Little Black Dress Mascara I reviewed I wish this eye product shouted out that it was 1D makeup. It has the brick pattern that's on all the products in this collection, and has "One Direction Eye and Body Crayon" printed on it, so dark that you can hardly see it against the black of the crayon. I do love though that it has a big cap, and even better a cap on the bottom that shows you what color it is. 
When I swatched the 1D Eye Crayon I was immediately surprised at not only how easily it glided across my skin, but also at how pigmented it is. I wanted to explore this further so instead of one swatch, I decided to do three and see what differences I could get. So there's three blue lines, a think light one, a medium in both color and width, and thick a thick dark line. Wear time is a good eight hours without smudging, and with little touch ups this eyeliner could go all day, and night if you needed it to. And as far as the body, I can't imagine a better use then with those One Direction Stencils

I am absolutely loving this 1D Stand Up Eye and Body Crayon. It has cute packaging, and applies well, is very pigmented and easily lasts through the day. I only wish that instead of a Demin / Blue / Navy color it was black so I could use it constantly. 

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