Review: One Direction Na Na Na Nail Varnish

I think I could be classified as a nail polish fanatic. I remember showing you guys a few years ago my  nail polish collection and since then, the amount of polishes I own has more than doubled, and I've moved on from that basket to a much larger one. So of course I was very excited to see that One Direction's Up All Night makeup collection I'm reviewing included a nail polish even if I told myself less than a month ago I couldn't get anymore nail varnishes. 

At first I was a little annoyed that this One Direction nail polish only had .27 fl oz of product because I'm used to having between .4 and .5 fl oz but the more I thought about it, the better I liked the idea. I mean, for someone who likes to switch out their nail colors often, having less product is just fine. I like the square bottle, and simple font, although I do with the color name was on the bottle somewhere. The handle is easy to open, even if you're someone with long nails, and the brush doesn't have any problems. 

Here's what Na Na Na looks like on my nails. In this picture it shows up a little more blue where in real life it has some more green to it. I think it's comparable to the Sinful Colors Gorgeous Nail Varnish and Wet n Wild Diving for Pearls. This One Direction nail polish went on my nails very lightly, so I assumed that it has a fast dry time, and I was wrong. As you can see above I messed up my manicure a little bit because of it. The swatch picture of Na Na Na on my nails is after two coats and as you can it is a light polish but opaque enough. 

I have to say that I like the One Direction Na Na Na nail polish. It comes in a cute small bottle, which is great for a more trendy color, and speaking of that color it's very pretty on, and wears well. It's just a nice blue / green nail polish to have around that has a little shine to it. 

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