Review: One Direction Little Black Dress Mascara

Even though I'm not a big makeup wearer, mascara is an everyday essential for me. So I was very happy when I saw that the One Direction Up all Night makeup set came with a mascara. This little black dress, is a black mascara that's supposed to add volume, but to tell the truth I wasn't that impressed by it. 

This mascara comes in a thin, very light mascara tube, (there is .22 fl oz of product) that is just black. On the tube itself it looks very generic, and the lid isn't much better with only the brick pattern on it. If I were a true 1D fan I'd expect it to at least say One Direction somewhere on it. The brush is a very standard, and actually quite similar to the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Brush

Applying the One Direction Little Black Dress Mascara I noticed that after the first coat, it didn't do much for my eyelashes, just made them a little darker. My second coat was a little better and added some volume but nothing drastic. However this formula didn't clump or weigh down my lashes which is a huge plus and for girls with shorter thinner lashes this might be alright for you.

Overall I think the Little Black Dress Mascara that is a part of the One Direction "Up All Night" is just okay. I mean it isn't something I'd go out and buy on it's own, but since it came with the set I'll use it. It isn't bad, just not great. 

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