Review: One Direction I Should Have Kissed You Lipstick


 Lipstick isn't normally something that I wear. Whenever I put it on, I feel like I go from looking younger than my teenage self to about thirty five. I was excited though because this isn't just any lipstick I'm reviewing it is I Should Have Kissed You from One Direction's Up All Night limited edition makeup collection. The whole line, is fun and the other lip product I tried the 1D Taken Liquilights Glow Gloss 

Starting with the packaging this lip stick is absolutely gorgeous. Even though the One Direction label isn't as prominent as I'd like it to be, I love the black case, with the textured signature brick imprint on it. My favorite part though is the that on the bottom of the lipstick, you can actually see what color it is, meaning that you'll always know what color you're getting without having to open up the lid or remember what color I Should Have Kissed You is. 
On my lips, I Should Have Kissed You is a very notably bright bubble gum pink. It goes on easily, although a little waxy and doesn't take much to get the full pigmentation.  Wear time is really good, at five hours (if you're careful). As for how the color looks on, it's very young one of those colors that is 25 and under, and all about being carefree and fun. 

One Direction I Should Have Kissed You Lipstick from their Up All Night Makeup collection is my favorite lipstick. It has very cute packaging, goes on well, but the color is what one me over. It's a perfect light pink, the young person's answer to the nude lip, and is perfect for an especially girly outfit. I don't think I could be happier with this product. 

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