Review: Old Wives Tail Almond and Cinnamon Hair Mask

I've complained again and again about how bad my hair is, it's worn out from all the heat processing I do, and of course the bleaching. I've tried Argan Oil and although it does help, that's more of a thing to keep your hair looking nice, than to repair old damage. So when I was offered a tub of Old Wives Tail Almond & Cinnamon Hair Mask to try out, I immediately said yes. Their products are all organic which was a huge plus.

The Old Wives Tail hair mask came in a clear hard plastic container at 150ml with a white hard plastic twist off lid. On the top of the lid is the Old Wives Logo, a red haired faceless woman. Opening it up, it has a wonderful cinnamon scent that reminds me of fancy antique stores, and consistency wise it reminds me of pure shea butter, thick and chunky. 

To use I started with the ends of my hair and worked in the mask. It didn't take nearly as much as I thought it would to get it all in and then I wrapped up my hair in a towel and waited an hour. Then I washed it out with regular shampoo until it was all out of my hair. This is important because you'll end up with very oily hair if you don't. They I let it air dry and waited to see the results. 

Verdict: After just one use I'm so impressed with this hair mask. The full length of my hair feels significantly healthier, and isn't frizzy at all. Those ends that I normally have to worry about looking terrible aren't perfect but are pretty close to it. Plus my hair smells a little like cinnamon which is never a bad thing. 

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