Review: Navy Dreamer Sleep Mask Sleeping Set

I'm not the kind of personal that has much trouble staying asleep, but getting to sleep is a whole other story. At night there are so many distractions, that have become even worse lately. I can hear my used cat Cricket walking around thanks to her collar that has a bell, or worse yet her terrible breathing/snoring when she sleeps on the pillow beside my bed.  Also I can't stop thinking about all the things more that I wished I had done. So I think I'm in need of a little help from the Dreamer Sleep Mask Set. 

The set includes a sample size of dream essentials, in what looks like a perfume sampler. You know, a  tiny glass bottle with a cardboard information thing attached to it. the ear plugs are the disposable kind, in a hot pink inside a clear plastic container. The navy mask, that you can get in other colors, and it has a very cool design. 

The design of the sleep mask is quite different than others I've seen. Gone is the simple, and uncomfortable single string design, and it's been replaced with a full headband in the back that's easy to get on and off and doesn't put too much pressure on any one area of your head. The inside is made out of cotton, is padded and very comfortable. 

Verdict: I think that the Navy Dreamer Sleep Mask Set is my favorite, even better than the Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask Kit. It's comfortable both around my eyes, and on the back of my head and completely black. 

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