Review: MuvUSA iPhone 5 Armband

I talked about how I sort of fell of the wagon as far as fitness goes. I've been having a lot of trouble doing the working out (and eating right) that I should be doing. So I was happy when this MuvUSA iPhone 5 Armband came in the mail because I figured it would help get me motivated to start running again. Plus previously I had a little trouble with where to put my phone on runs or even walks.

This running armband came in a hard plastic packaging that wasn't too hard to open. On the inside is the armband, made of a black stretchy material. The band itself has some of their signature red stitching and is velcro. It has a clear plastic front, and although it says it's for an an iPhone five it worked just fine for an iPhone four as well. 

Verdict: I love that this iPhone Armband works for both iPhone 4s and 5s and is water resistant, since it is fun to run in the rain. The band will fit a lot of different arm sizes, and I like that I can actually use my phone with the band on. 

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