Review: King Athletic Speed Cable Jump Rope

As you all know, unless you're new here, I've been trying to get in shape. From healthy eating to yoga with my cat, I want to not only look good, but feel good too. The thing is, running doesn't really work for me. Sure it's okay for the first five minutes but I'm terrible at keeping any sort of pace after that. So when King Athletic sent me one of their jump ropes to try out I was extremely excited. I remembered as a kid jump roping all the time, either by myself or with friends if you could get four friends and long enough ropes.

The jump rope arrived to me (from amazon) in a simple white box, with a black logo for King Athletic and dark grey lettering for the information. It tells you how many calories you can burn jumping rope, as well as different jump rope styles, and how to do them like basic, alternative foot, criss cross, EB, and double under. 

When I first got the jump rope out of the box, I was surprised at how long it is, 10 feet to be exact, so it'll be perfect for any hight. To shorten it is easy just unscrew the handle pieces, replace them where you need them and cut off the excess. The handles are a light weight durable plastic and the cable for the rope part is very durable, and doesn't wear easily. 

Verdict: I really like this jump rope, it's not anything glamorous but since it's for working out, it doesn't need to be. The King Athletic Speed Cable is going to last for a long time and will work for someone of any height, and I don't have a single complaint about it. 

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