Review: Instanatural Niacinamide 5% Moisturizer Brightening Cream

I've been trying out a lot of serums lately. From a Petunia Vitamin C one, to a lactic acid peel I feel like I've gotten them all covered. So when InstaNatural offered me their Niacinamide 5% moisturizer that plumps and hydrates for a youth appearance I was all in. Especially when I found out that not only is this Instanatural product a lotion, but it's one that reduces acne and hyper pigmentation. Both of which are things that 

Starting with the packaging this Niacinamide 5% Moisturizer seems huge at two ounces. The blue glass bottle isn't something I've seen before, and it's kind of cool looking. The green product label with black writing isn't bad either and I like that it provides the information I need. It has a press down dispenser, something that makes lotion a whole lot easier to apply.

This Instanatural product is completely scentless, and comes out in a pure white, runny lotion. It was easy to apply to my skin and didn't leave a thick residue on top. After a few uses I started to notice the differences. My skin was not only more moisturized, but I had less acne and my skin looked brighter. 

Verdict: I really like the Instantural Niacinamide 5% Moisturizer Brightening Cream. It comes in a 2 Oz bottle, unique for a product like itself, doesn't clog up  my pores and helps to combat my acne and hyper-pigmentation. 

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  1. I like the fact that InstaNaturals gives out the percentage of niacinamide they have. Not all companies do that and it makes it difficult to guess how potent each product really is.


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