Review: Mega Mesh Magnetic Screen Door


When Quality Source Products first offered me this magnetic screen door to review I excitedly said yes. We'd been needing one for the area between the garage and the mud room, but couldn't convince my father to agree to getting one put in. But when the screen door came in it just sat around. I read on the back that there was an installation video I needed to watch and that I should do it with a partner, both of which made me nervous. Finally though I decided that I absolutely needed to get the thing up before the weather is cool and there isn't any point.

The magnetic screen comes in a plastic package that has a paper on the front with information about the screen and a picture of it "in action". On the back are the instructions. Along with the screen there are also pins, that I didn't have any use for, and a rolled up velcro pack. When I actually looked at the instructions I was surprised at how easy they were and that I could easily do it by myself. First I just had to lay the screen out flat (cricket decided this was a perfect time to come over and sit on it) and then unwind the velcro and stick it to the velcro on the edges of the screen. Once that was done I had to stand on a stool in the garage and peel the paper off the sticky side of the velcro and start at the top sticking it. After I finished that I was all done. 
And here's what it looks like. Sorry about how ugly my mud room / utility closet in the back is. As soon as I put it up I was impressed with how it looked, and even with our metal door that leads to the garage in opens and closes just fine, without getting caught. I couldn't be happier with it, and removal for the winter is going to be super easy. Just unattached the velcro on the screen. 

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