Review: Frank's Backyard 12" Three-Sided Grill Brush

Grilling out can be a lot of fun. Either for a normal dinner or cooking out for a holiday (like this coming up monday!), and it's a lot healthier than frying food. The problem though is cleaning the grill. I've had a little help with that thanks to Unique Natural Products, but it's still an issue to get off all the stuff on grease and burnt food so I was more than happy to try out Frank's Backyard 12" Three-Sided Grill Brush.

The brush came in simple packaging with a tag on the end labeling it as a Franks Backyard product. The handle is black and plastic. The stem is a grey metal and on the end is the round brush that's black metal. This is something that's a little hard to store, do to it's food long size but if you have an outdoor storage place that's where it'd be perfect.

To use simple scrub, or use water, or my favorite a grill cleaner. Since it is metal, it might scratch the racks a little but it totally gets all the nasty burnt grease stuff off. This Frank's Backyard 12" Three Sided Grill Brush is low priced and perfect for a small gift for someone who likes to cook out. 

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