Review: Exuviance Performance Peel, Serum & Restorative Complex

I was a little surprised when I received this Exuviance set of sample size products, containing the Performance Peel AP25, Evening Restorative Complex and Optilight Essential 6 Serum in the mail. Exuviance is the creator of the original glycol peel, and it's made to improve fine lines & wrinkles by 100%. - Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex is clinically proven to improve overall skin texture, tone, and appearance 90% saw smoother skin after 4 weeks of using Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex (data on file, NeoStrata Co., Inc.) Exuviance Vitamin C+ Antiaging Booster amps up the effects of the Evening Restorative Complex, helping to fade the look of dark spots while improving skin firmness and smoothing texture and wrinkles. So I wanted to try it out. 

Exuviance Performance Peel AP25 - To use start with the activator pad. Apply to a clean dry face and make sure to watch for any skin irritation at which point use should take it off immediately. Then use the Neutralizer pad, after 10 minutes and rinse skin off throughly with water and apply a moisturizer. 

Although the activator pad did smell a little funny, in a chemical way, I didn't have any irritation when applying it.It goes on smooth, but tries to a tacky clear solid on the skin. After ten minutes I used the Neutralizer Pad, which had a slight alcohol scent, and my skin felt significantly smoother afterwards.

Exuviance Evening Restorative Complex - It's a light blue opaque cream, that has a very pleasant smell. The complex went into my skin easily and didn't leave it looking or feeling oily, just very smooth. A little goes a long way with this Exuviance product which is very nice. 

Exuviance OptiLight Essential 6 Serum - I've tried a few serums in my day but this one is a little different. Its completely translucent and very runny, when apply it to the skin you won't need much at all, and like the restorative complex it easily absorbs into the skin and has a slight vanilla scent. After a few uses, my skin was smoother and I had a visibly more even skin tone. 

Verdict: I really like all three of the Exuviance products I tried. The peel is great for wrinkles and fine lines, and unlike a few other similar products I've tried it doesn't smell like a chemical bath, or irritate my skin. The lotion, even if it didn't have the anti aging qualities would still be a winner to me, because it moisturizes (and smells) amazingly. The serum I can't complain about and the results are great, and I will continue to use each of the products. 

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