Review: EnvyDerm Lash Growth and Conditioner Eyeliner

Previously I tried the Lola Lip Plumper Gloss by EnvyDerm and loved the results, so when EnvyDerm contacted me about reviewing their eyelash enchantment and conditioning liquid eyeliner I immediately said yes. It is a hydroplane specialized peptide combined with hydrolyzed Keratin to repair lash damage, promote longer, stronger and thicker looking lashes with continued use. Moroccan Argan Oil's anti-aging properties condition lashes, promote flexablilty and minimize lash breakage. Vitamins, minerals and amino acids help moisturize and nourish eyelashes with every use to create a natural full and lush lash appearance. Intense long lasting color that dries instantly, doesn't flake, doesn't smudge for all day long wear. 

It comes in a shiny silver box box with the ingredients listed on one of the sides, the logo on the front and more information on the back.  The eyeliner tube inside looks very similar to the box, a shiny silver but the only wording on it is the EnvyDerm name and "Lash Growth and Conditioner". The brush is a simple straight one, and was in perfect condition. 
Here's what the EnvyDerm liquid eyeliner swatch looks like. When I put it on, I was surprised at how easy it went on. Making a smooth straight line wasn't any problem. I did notice it took a few minutes to dry which is something you might want to watch for. Wear time is amazing though, all day even and it is water resistant too. 

Verdict: I really like the EnvyDerm Lash Growth and Conditioner Eyeliner. It goes on super easy, even for a novice like me, and last for what feels like forever. The only thing I would change is some prettier packaging. 

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