Review: Baby Boutique Headbands

What little girl doesn't love a beautiful headband. I know in elementary school, I was all about them. Not only would they keep my hair out of my face, something that can be quite annoying for a young girl but I loved picking them out to go with my outfit and feeling all girly. So when GCH offered to send me a set, I immediately said yes because I knew they'd make the perfect gift. You can get them as individuals or in groups of five and while your at their shop you can take a look at all the other things they have like dress, rompers, and even tutus. 

Turquoise Classy Headband - This is the one on the top left. It has three 1.5" rosettes and a 2" vintage shabby flower, and it's perfect for a girl who likes to dress up or one of those memorable photo shoots. 

Rosa Pink Diamond Head Band  - An adorable simple headband with a thee inch flower in bright pink and a plastic jeweled center. It's perfect for hair that's up down, long or short. 

Blue Bow Flower Headband - I couldn't find this headband sold other than as a part of the set, but its so cute. It takes in two styles, a bow and flowers into a headband that girls of many personalities will love. 

Black/Pink Floral Shabby Headband - I saved my favorite for last, this pink and black floral print headband with two roses is just too cute. Even a little less of a girly girl will like it. 

Individual Headbands cost about $3 each and you can get a set of 5 for $10. You can get them HERE as well as about anything else you'll need for them to look cute. It's a perfect place to shop for Christmas/Birthday presents for the little girls you know. 

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