Outfit: Polkadot Vintage Sheath Dress + Giveaway

Before I get into my outfit let me apologize in advance for the lighting in these photos, and some of the weird poses that I'm doing. To tell the truth I think these are worse than than the Purple Hair, Spiked Shoes, Scripture Tattoo Outfit. I was planning on taking these outfit pictures early in the day, but somehow time got away from me and I didn't end up doing it until the sun was setting. I worked really hard editing them, so they'd all have nice uniform lighting, but google plus, where I upload my photos decided to pick it's own lighting. I think I'm going to have to start putting a black frame around my photos, like I do for How To Outfits, because that seemed to fix what Google Plus did to those. But about that outfit. 


I'm not normally a vintage type of girl, more of a skinny jeans and trendy blouse kind, or sometimes when I really feel like dressing up a high waisted skirt and crop top sort of girl, but when eshakti contacted me asking if I'd like to put together an outfit, I looked around at their dresses and instantly fell in love with this vintage style sheath dress. To keep it from looking too dated though I decided to pair it with combat boots, a big bag, and too keep it feminine a dainty gold necklace. This Polkadot Vintage Sheath Dress outfit is something I'd wear to a casual summer event, especially one that is going to be outdoors. 
  • Dress - Each of the dresses at eshakti are custom made for your measurements, and I'll be the first to tell you it's worth the extra money. It's so flattering, and I can't help but love the little polkadot design. 
  • Necklace - I talked about how Lavishy sent me this necklace, and even though it's fashion jewelry, it looks like a classic piece I could have picked up at any high end jewelry store, and it's so versatile. 




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