Outfit: Oasap Knit Cropped Tee with a Skirt


I spent a little bit of time today at my grandparents, and since they have beautiful flower gardens I thought their backyard would be the perfect place to take photos for an outfit post. Unfortunately there were a lot of bugs in the backyard, so it was decided I would take my photos in the front yard.  For my outfit I went with something comfortable, that I spent a few hours shopping in, but also an outfit that made me look put together in. A big feat considering, I didn't bother to wear makeup or even brush my hair before leaving the house. I think this is a perfect summer look, where you're wearing black. 

Skirt - I've talked about it before but I absolutely love BCBG skirts. They're fairly tight but thick enough that you don't look vulgar, and long enough that I can pull them up high enough to make it seem like I have long legs. 

Top - The best way to wear a crop top, and still look modest is with a high waisted skirt, and honestly it's the only type of shirt I want to wear with a skirt like this. I don't have to worry about tucking it in and having a bunch of fabric bundled in my waist band. Plus this top is so comfortable and cheap I think I might have to get another one from Oasap. 

Shoes - Originally I thought that these shoes had cats on them, but later it was pointed out to me that it is actually mice, because of the rounded ears. With the pink and black color (along with a little sparkle) I thought it's be perfect to go with my pink skirt and black top.

Sunglasses - Of course, so that I don't look like I have no eyes (because of my squinting) at all I thought I should cover them with sunglasses. For me any big pair with UV protection is perfect, and unless I'm wearing jeans I like to go for a plastic frame. 




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