Outfit: My Standard School Look

hanna marie lei

School is starting up again (or maybe it already has for you?), and the weather is still abnormally cool where I am, so I figured I could share with you guys my basic outfit for school. This isn't a first day of school outfit, or a school outfit for a class presentation just an every day look from head to toe (no makeup as you can probably tell) for that Thursday when you have to get yourself out of bed after you realize it's not Friday. I say Thursday because Mondays, an equally bad day seem to be designated a sweatpants day by most people that I know, and this school look is a little more dressy than that although this outfit is made up completely out of wardrobe staples. The best thing about this standard look is that it works if you're in middle school, high school or even college. Oh! and just for you to laugh at is the last outfit picture.

  • Wallet - I have to start with this gorgeous wallet that Lavishy sent me. It's a camel colored pleather with colorful embroidery and on the inside has a ton of pockets, perfect for a girl who doesn't like carrying a purse. 
  • Jeans - Since middle school it seems like skinny jeans have been my standard look. They make my legs look a little longer, and my butt a little bigger, or maybe it's that my hips look smaller, so I guess it works for me. 
  • Cardigan -  Cardigans, unbuttoned and completely open are so comfortable to wear. I'm especially loving this bring pink one, and to those of you who say "boys don't like cardigans"... I don't care what they like. 
  • Tank - Even though this tank does seem to make me look a little round in the middle, I wear this kind almost daily either with jackets, or under shirts that are too thin, which happens to be most of mine. 
  • Shoes - I wore these shoes before in my Cropped Tee and High Waisted Skirt Look and I just can't get enough of them. Mice are naturally adorable, and on my feet I think they look even cuter. 




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