My Beauty Story (and your Chance to Win)

(If you're just here so you can enter to win $2000 click HERE)

That used to be my go to facial expression when anyone talked about beauty, be it hair or makeup. Overwhelmed. In high school, even worse in middle school, everyone was applying makeup and doing fancy things with their hair, and whenever I tried to do anything other than straighten my hair and apply a little mascara I turned out looking like a hot mess. I had so much respect for all the gurus on Youtube, the hair stylists and makeup artists who's work you see in magazines and on television. As I started to get a little better at beauty related things, my blog started to shift from just talking about my life to sharing beauty products, and fashion that I love. 

The more I blogged about it all, the more I realized not everyone felt the same way as me toward beauty experts. Most of my relatives, and quite a few friends, couldn't believe that people would actually read what I write about different beauty related things. That's something the #sharebeauty campaign wants to change, their goal is to get beauty experts appreciated and recognized for what they do. You can see the very cute "Beauty Grew All Around Video" which is a Regency Beauty Institute Video.

Now more about winning $2000 from Regency Beauty Institute and Refinery29.

Try one trend (or as many as you'd like to). Trends will be posted each week at the regency landing page. 

• Try one trend (Or all of them!)
• Take a photo
• Share it on Instagram (Your account must be public.)
• Hashtag each photo with #ShareBeautyContest. 

For more information, and to see the trends go to the Regency Page HERE

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