Life Photos: Oreos, Garden Fight, Mail Box Full

I couldn't believe when I opened up my mail box and it had all of this in it. Just your average sized mail box but yet the mail man stuffed everything in there so much so that it didn't quite close all the way. I guess being really good at fitting things in places means you don't have to walk up to people's porches and put it there. 

Below that is a picture of the Oreo section at Walmart. I know I'm not supposed to be eating the stuff, but I can't help but at least thing about Oreos. They come in so many different varieties and all the ones I've tried taste so good. 

Then there is a piece of my yard. These odd bushes (sorry don't have a clue what they're called) are sitting there and have all these pods so one day when I was out in the vegetable garden with my parents I started throwing them at them. It was fun until my parents started throwing them back. 

The next one, is... well I have no clue. But the one above that is writing on the board from the psychology class I passed.  Everything he did was so confusing, and I'm not exactly sure what I learned but I did like when they brought in the Stigma Busters.  Last is a very blurry picture of a car that was scaring me a little on one of my night time walks. Just in case they killed me I'd have evidence on my phone. 

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