Life Photos: Thrown Away CD, Garden, and Summer School Work

Awhile back I threw away a CD that someone I had dated gave me for Valentines day that had different love songs that liked on it. Although I did like the songs on it, I didm't think it was all that appropriate to keep a gift like that so I thew it out. A few weeks ago though I found the CD case (with his writing that is poorer than mine) under my bed, so I guess I'm rid of all of that Valentines day present now. 

Below that is just a picture of the desktop computer off, but I took a picture because it was so odd. I turned it on and printed out the postage for a package I was taking to the post office and left the computer on. When I came back home it was off, and being the only one there it freaked me out a little. 

I know I already talked about Summer School being over , but there are two pictures one, from my working with families class and then my online nutrition stuff that I just though was useful to know. It's a chart on which plastics are less dangerous. 

To finish is a picture of the tomatoes in my backyard garden that I got that day, as you can see one green one happened to fall off so I took it with me to give to the bird. Then a little sad is one of the fruit trees with a problem on it's leaves. 

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