Life Photos: Instagram, Glasses, Excel, Ants, and a Garden

The first photo is just a screen shot of my instagram. I took it so I could keep track of how many followers I have. This was before I realized that there are easier ways of doing this. Below that is an a picture of the excel project I was working on when I was super frustrated with it. I had just realized I had put the formulas on the same sheet as the data which would be perfectly fine except for the fact that I already did it the other way and it's a huge pain to change. 

Below that is the sunglasses case from my Combat Boots and Khaki Shorts. I thought it was really cool until I realized that the case was just a cheap plastic. Next to that is a pretty nasty picture of ants that like to go into the socket and then break it, because the electricity can't connect. Above that is another creature a snake that was found at a friend's house, and then their huge garden that I'm quite jealous of. 

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