How to Make Fall Paper Leaf Wreaths

 Not too long ago I saw a class on making fall wreaths at my library, and decided it would be fun to take. I wasn't sure what I expected these wreaths to be but I was a little surprised to learn they'd be completely made out of paper. I think though that final result for the Fall Wreaths is perfect. Plus it's very easy to make.
 To start with you're going to need a lot of leaves. Using origami paper, or colored construction paper you start with a square piece of paper, I used three different sizes for mine. First start by folding the square into a triangle. Then fold the triangle edges back on themselves  and fold a piece for a leave a stem and then you're done. You can also add a little texture to the leave by doing an accordion fold or just crumpling it up after the last fold. Personally I think the textured leaves look a whole lot better.
Once you have enough leaves you can just put them on a cardboard circle (that's your leaf base) and then glue on the leaves. I used the largest ones for the outside and then progressed to smaller ones for the inside. I tried to follow a little bit of a color scheme but it was hard with the limited papers. 

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