How I'm Feeling: School, Dating and being "Busy"


I really try and blog everyday but on the days that I'm really busy I just feel like I can't do it, not because I can't stay up an extra twenty minutes and type something out quickly before I go to bed, but because I'm drained. After a busy day, especially one where I've had to spend a lot of time talking to to people outside of my normal group, you know those social obligation kind of things, I have such a hard time writing here. Yesterday, I had a full day of that, and barely got up my Beauty Roundup of the Week blog post and it was only four products. I've been pretty busy with more than just social things too. 

For my spreadsheet analysis class, last week was the worst of the class so far. I had a quiz, a test and a project to do. I always send my project to the Teaching Assistant, who's nice enough to look over it for me, and this time around he found a whole lot of problems with my work. I resent it to him three times before he thought it was "good enough". Today the grade came in and luckily it was another 100% something I was really doubting. Luckily there are only two weeks left but I have a quiz due tomorrow, and another project due on Friday and I haven't had any time to look over the material yet. 

My other two classes, are going okay. The clinical writing is pretty much just participation, and I already finished the homework for the working with families class. We do have demonstrations on Tuesday, where we do a mock counseling session, but I quickly picked patient so unless he changes his mind and makes us play both roles I should be pretty safe. I'm also half way through my health certificate class, and I'm hoping to be able to finish that early. The whole class is making me so afraid of all the foods I normally eat though. 

So about dating. I remember once someone telling me once that they were too busy for a relationship, which is kind of ironic because where they are in life now, and I didn't really understand it. I absolutely hated being single and until recently would try very hard to avoid it, even if that meant continuing a relationship that I wasn't happy in until I could find a new one. Since the I talked about making myself busy  and I really would rather work towards my goals then be in any sort of relationship with anyone more than "friend" I don't have an urge to even hang out with anyone really. I'm happy with where I want to be and really want to put the work into getting there. 

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