How Confident Are You On Your Period?

Let me start by telling you, up until very recently my answer to that very question, "How confident are you on your period?" was not very. I absolutely hated that time of month, and even had special underwear that I'd wear when it came around, you know my ugliest pairs that way I didn't have to worry about ruining the pairs that I did like. I always hoped that my period would come on weekends when I could get away with not doing anything because on school days, I was ever afraid what I was wearing wouldn't work, but now that I've found U by Kotex Pads pads that have 3D Capture Core I'm feeling a whole lot more confident. 


 First of all they're super light weight and very thin, especially when you consider that I'm showing you guys the heavy flow version, of the Clean Wear U by Kotex Pads. Normally with pads I have to worry if they're going to not only to hold up for me (I need about three hours since my classes are that long) but that they are going to stay in place, because what good is a pad, if it isn't where it's supposed to be. Let me tell you that Clean Wear with 3D Capture Core Technology meets both of these requirements with easy, and when compared to other similar products,  I tried a lot during my Nexaplanon days if you remember, I'm even more impressed by these pads. 
Just in case you are curious to buy them yourself I decided I should take a picture of the box, it looks like the standard U by Kotex packaging, but has the "NEW" label at the top, as well as the Clean Wear on the side. I especially love that the pads come in a multi colored pad assortment, because any little pick me up helps when I'm having terrible cramps. 

This of course is a sponsored post, in case you didn't notice by the label commercial break, but instead of the normal giveaway I have something a whole lot better. U by Kotex is giving everyone a sample set with a few of their different 3D Capture Core products, you just have to click over HERE to order

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