Haul: Two Walmart Stores in one Night

 Back to school time always means the cheapest prices on school supplies, so that means it's the perfect time for me to stock up on the school supplies I need, which consists of mechanical pencils (I'm constantly loosing them) that I had a coupon for $1 to go with the cheap price that they already were and those 88 cent note books that I quickly fill up with math and physics notes. Actually that reminds me that I need to start being a whole lot better at note taking. I also bought a pair of socks that were $5 for a pack of six, and as you can see very cute, as well as chevron kleenexs that you probably already saw  
 Hoping to find some sort of awesome deal I went to look at the clearance school supplies, but it was all branded things that weren't actually that cheap. I did however see some very pretty Taylor Swift notebooks and folders that I almost bought. I almost bought one because all her outfits are so nice, but I stopped myself and just got my pencils and notebooks. Then I started looking for what I really came for, Chevron tissues, but although my Walmart had a few different oval varieties, they didn't have the print I needed to show you guys so I had to go to a different Walmart.

I kept looking and looking there, and found one chevron print in the very back of the stack, thinking I was quite lucky to have it, until when I rounded the corner I saw that they had a whole display with them. There were four different colors to pick from and they weren't expensive. On the way to the front of the store I saw those cute socks and then headed to the line.
 The wait was terrible, it was a friday night (when everyone gets paid) so the store knew there'd be a lot of people but only four lanes were open. I saw people closing out their registers and talking while I was standing all the way back in the clothing area, which weren't any cheaper than what I bought at Kohls which was a little surprising. Everything was going so slow too. I think I spent half an hour in the line before finally getting to check out. 

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