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 Normally I go for the cheapest paper products I can find, and you know what, I regret it when it comes to school supplies. I've had plenty of times when I wasn't even half way through a notebook it'd be falling apart, the front and back gone and most of my paper hanging off the metal spiral which was bent oddly out of shape. So I was very happy to find out about Roaring Spring Paper Products who make high quality notebooks, folders and other school and office supplies in the USA. They sent me a few of their products to look at and I'm loving each one of them.

Being an engineering student I have to say though that my favorite product is the cross over. It's perfect for anyone taking a math class or for art. On one side (you can sort of see this in the picture above) it has normal lined notebook paper, but on the other it has a grid pattern. No more messy graphs for me. I only wish I had this when I had all the trouble with the 3D graphing  but with another math class this fall I think they'll get plenty of use. And the covers on these are gorgeous.
 As soon as a I saw these pocket folders I knew I'd need them for those times I'm bored in class.  They're color me two pocket portfolio folders. Mine have a far design on one the fair on another, under water on one, and the last is sports themed. For those big lecture halls (where attendance is taken) a pack of crayons and one of these folders will make the time go by a whole lot quicker. These folders are sturdy enough to actually use too. 
 Don't adjust your monitors, this is actually purple paper, something that I've never seen before in a notebook. But this Genesis shades comes in blue purple pink and green. It also has a durable vinyl color, that's purple as well, and a double pocket. Although I'm not sure that my teachers would appreciate if I turned in homework with this color, but it's perfect for writing notes. 
Genesis 5 subject notebooks. These are your standard notebook that is a must have for high school and college. The Roaring Springs Paper Products version has a final cover, heavy duty back (twice as thick as my previous notebooks) has a place for a class schedule, contains a double bucket and easy to tear perforated edges. 

I think this means I'm set for the start of the school year thanks to Roaring Spring Paper Products, and I won't have to worry about these falling apart before (or after actually) I'm done using them. Plus it's great that they're made in the USA and of recycled paper. 

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