Food Photos: Indian Treat, At Home Dinners & 1 Lunch

It's been a little while since I've done a food photo post, okay actually it was probably a week ago or two weeks at most but I have enough pictures to do another post on my phone so here it is starting with treat. They're a set of four cookies that my father picked up from an Indian grocery store on his way home in lots of different flavors. I did like a few, especially the lemon ones, but I think I'd prefer some nice Oreos.  It made me think of the Ganesh Installation I attended though.

Below that is leftover pizza I had for lunch, and then some dinners I had over the week. First dinner is "hamburger" helper with peas, and noodles and some of that fake cheese from my vegan cheddar cheese broccoli soup , then something else with noodles, chili. Above that pasta and garlic bread with red sauce, then a sandwich for one of those lazy dinner nights that I decided to put a smily face on with mustard because I'm just such an artist. 

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