Food Photos: 3 All Local Organic , 3 JUNK Food

The first photo is my absolute favorite, and maybe the best one for me (that could also go to the last photo) Corn, from one of my parents friends, green beans from my grandparents garden, and then potatoes from the Orleans Farmer's Market. It was perfect, and so nice to feel like I was eating foods that were actually healthy. For dessert I had a tart that my grandmother made with cherries from the (small) orchard at their home, and homemade dough, even though it was a little smushed because of the ride to my house. 

Next are some things I got from the vending machine. The sun chips aren't that bad but the Hershey's bar even though it has almonds is something I really didn't need. Above that is ice-cream I got after running by my school to pick up something that wasn't at all school related. Last is my other healthy all organic meal, except for the pasta now that I think about it, and this one came from a family friend's garden. Peppers, and squash, tomatoes and some green beans in a stir fry. 

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