Fitness Friday: Running Shoes and a Workout Plan

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I talked about last week that I wasn't doing so well on my diet  and although I don't think I'm back exactly where I should be as far as my diet goes, I've cut down on the snacking, and the whole sugary sweet foods, that I crave constantly. Because I've lost some of the weight that I've been trying to, even with my setbacks I figured it was time to start exercising more with the intent of gaining muscle. So here's my new workout plan. 
  • Yoga - I've noticed that I'm not flexible as I used to be when I took yoga classes so to fix this I'm starting to do 5-10 minutes of yoga when I wake up in the morning, and before I go to bed at night. It's a great way to start and end my day. 
  • Running - I remember for awhile when I used to run all the time, and so I think I'm going to get back into this. Because it can be hard on your body, I'll do an every third day thing.
  • Weight lifting - I know a lot of women have a fear of weight lifting, I'm one of them, because you could end up looking like a man, but I'm talking about doing 10-20 pounds to tone my arms, like the running every third day so my muscles get a break.
  • Abs - My ab days, will consist of crunches on an every third day cycle so that I can be proud to wear crop tops. Along with that, this will also be my walking day, where I go for a 20-30 minute walk.
Okay so I know that my workout isn't any big deal but as I just talked about yesterday I'm a busy girl  plus I'm not trying to be a body builder. I just want to get in shape. Oh and those shoes at the top? When I decided I needed to start running, I realized my running shoes were looking a little tired, and so I made this list of very cute running shoes that I'm wishing for right now. 

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