Fitness Friday: Month One Body Update

 I can't believe how quickly this month has gone by. It felt like just a few days ago, I started doing this whole fitness friday thing, when I realized how out of shape I'd become since leaving high school. I've talked about how I'm trying to eat healthier, and shared an easy vegan recipe for cheddar cheese and broccoli soup, and then had to do a confession about how I kind of fell off track from my diet and last week, how after getting back to doing what I want to do food wise, my new exercise plan. None of it has been easy from waking up in the mornings and remembering to do yoga, to eating healthier and NOT snacking though out the day to doing (light) workouts.  

So here's my before. I don't think my weight loss or muscle gain is all that spectacular over the month but I do feel healthier. I don't feel tired from a long walk carrying my books, or even out of breath. Although I still can't quite touch my toes (what happened since my gymnastics days!?) I'm not embarrassingly far from being able to do so. Since I just picked it up last week, it is still something that I need a lot of work on, I'd like to get a ten minute mile, and I'm pretty sure we won't be hearing about that in the next month or two. 

In the month coming up what I'm really hoping for is to be able to fit into some of those clothes that I can't quite button up. To get that done, I think I need to work hard at loosing those love handles you see in my pictures. These yoga pants make them look a lot worse than they are in person, (I'm a size 3 in most jeans) but trust me, it still isn't pretty. I would also love to get a little bit of muscle tone in my arms so that I can proudly wear sleeveless tops. 

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