Feeling Busy, and Recent Blog "improvements"

I haven't done a personal post in what seems like awhile so I figured I could just update you guys on what's going on with me. First off the reason you aren't seeing all those daily posts, is because I decided to organize my blog a little differently. It used to be that almost every day I'll take pictures and then post on here about my day. When I had an especially boring day, like sitting at home, then I'd do a How To Guide for wearing a particular piece of clothing, or a beauty review. A few weeks ago I decided that I needed to start making my blog a little more organized and readable so now I have more of a schedule. On Fridays (tomorrow) I do my fitness friday posts, and might also be starting a Friday Favorites somewhere down the line, then on Saturdays I do a beauty review roundup and a caturday video if I happen to film something my cat or another cat did that is at least a little interesting. On Sundays I have outfit posts, and during the week, either Monday or Tuesday I try to get a collaboration post up as well. On Wednesdays I've been trying really hard to get giveaways lined up for you guys, and Thursdays are my free days. Of course this is all subject to change as I learn more about what you guys are interested in and what I like writing about. Probably more interesting though is my life update.

I'm debating if I should do these monthly or not like my book review roundup but since I'm not writing quite so many personal posts I think a life update is nice. As you might now I finished my first summer classes, passing that math class, and now I'm on to summer session two. I'm taking an online computer science class, that so far I've gotten very good grades in but it is taking a lot of work, and two psychology counseling classes. One of these classes is a very easy just show up kind of thing but the other one has a lot of homework assignments, and since none of them have been graded yet I can't really judge how the class will be. Just these two things are keeping me quite busy, but I think if I wasn't doing them, I'd feel like I was wasting away my summer with school work.

That isn't all I've been doing because along with those blog changes you might have noticed I'm doing a lot more blogging things. I've been trying to work with companies to get you guys cool giveaways, and I've done a ton of book and beauty reviews as well as my funny random picture backdated posts. I've also, although haven't done that fantastically if you don't consider my school adventures in that "growing time" since I'm very shy both doing even the two new things that I did was kind of a big deal, and both were very beneficial to me. It's only been a month since I talked about getting what I want but I think I'm making steps in the right direction. And I'm sure I'll change my mind when the stress sets in, but I love this always busy feeling. 

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