Face Photos: Bad Lighting, Lipstick Bathroom Yoga

Well, I have a few pictures of myself on my phone that kind of need to go so here they are. First up is a photo of me, a selfie that I thought I could use for my fitness friday yoga post , well as you can see it turned out bad, and I ended up with a better one that had cricket. 

Below that are two photos from when I was still in summer school, from the bathroom. I think I took the first one to send to someone to tell them I was angry and the second one, I just thought it would be funny to take. 

The rest of the photos are from when I was testing out the One Direction I Should Have Kissed You Lipstick. The color is gorgeous but you can't really tell thanks to the fact I took my photos at night which means the lighting is terrible. I guess that's life. 

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