Caturday: Moe on the Gazebo


Last weekend when I was visiting my grandparents, I was out in the pack yard, after that terrible rain that ruined my purple hair tattooed outfit pictures . I was trying to pick up plums off the ground to feed to my friends, the chickens, when I heard a meow. I looked around thinking one of my grandparents' cats was in the tree but couldn't see anyone up there so I went back to picking up plums. A few minutes later I heard a meow again and this time I saw that Moe the cat was hanging out on top of the Gazebo. I tried to get her to come down and play with me but she refused so I decided to poke her using the spaces in the gazebo and of course shoot a video of it. I apologize that I was too dumb at the start of the video to record landscape, but I fixed it half way through!

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