Book Review: The One Jesus Loves

The One Jesus Loves
Grace is Unconditionally Givem, Intimacy Must Be Relentlessly Pursued
By Robert Crosby

How close can we get to Jesus? How close do you want to get? Six circles of relationship formed around Jesus in his time on earth. In the outermost circle, the Crowds who were curious. Next the Five Thousand who were needy, while the Seventy worked and served in Jesus's ministry then came the Twelve who walked with him at the Last Suppuer. Jesus's closest follower listened more closely than any other and recognized the Savior when no one else did. Scripture promises if you move closer to God, he will move closer to you. Wherever you are in your pursuit of Christ, you can draw closer still. In the One Jesus Loves, you will learn about each of the six circles and what it takes to move further in, closer and closer to Jesus. 

Dr. Rober C. Crosby is a conference speaker, writer, and pastoral leader. He is the professor of practical theology at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. He writes for Christianity Today, Leadership Journal, Outreach magazine and the Huffington Post. He and his with Pamela are the founders of Teaming Life and Church Conferences and Resources. 

There are so many different books on how to be better with your faith toward Jesus like Just Jesus. The One Jesus Loves is a combination of being a guide towards becoming a better follower of Jesus, and teaching biblical principals. It isn't one of the easier books to read so you're going to have to focus a little, although it does offer a lot of valuable information. If you like The Book of Revelation Made Clear or Revangelical The One Jesus Loves is something you need to check out.  

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