Book Review: Guess Who Noah's Boat

Guess Who Noah's Boat
Written By Matt Mitter
Illustrated By Ela Jarzabek 

Who's on Noah's boat? Noah is about to start a great adventure - and he's bringing lots of animals with him! There are furry creatures and wooly creatures, and some with stripes and some without. Kids help Noah figure out which animal is hiding on each page, then lift the flap to see if they are right. Fun riddles give readers all the clues they need to guess who! 

When I first saw this book I knew it was adorable. It's so cute. The cover even has a pull down where the lion has two bunnies and a flower in his paws. It gets cuter from there giving hints in the story line as to what the animal is so that the child isn't blind guessing at what it could be. I think this Guess Who Noah's Boat would be a perfect book for either a church or at home nursery. If you like Candle Prayers for Kids, Candle Bedtime Bible Stories, or Bible and Prayers with Teddy  you'll for sure want to check out this book. 

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