Book Review: Citizen

Your Role in the Alternative Kingdom
By Rob Peabody

As Jesus followers, we are citizens of Heaven. We have been set apart for His Kingdom work. We have a new allegiance. It's a fundamental change. But how far has this truly penetrated? Is Jesus asking of us more than we are comfortable with giving? Is our faith anything more than a Get Out of Hell Free card? So many believers feel stuck. They would like to move on, grow, see lives transformed - including their's but how?

Rob Peabody was previously the lead campus pastor at an American mega church, Rob left his church in the Texan Bible-belt to pioneer and lead fresh expressions of church seeking to engage unreached 20s and 30s in northeast London. He is now director of the Awaken Movement. 

I think a lot of Christians ask the question, of if they're doing enough. To be honest I always think that if you're asking it the answer is no. But where is the line between yourself and your work for God. Citizen explores this, and how to get yourself in action. If you like How to Pick up a Stripper or Dirty Faith you for sure want to check out Citizen for more tips on being an evangelical christen the right way. You know without turning more people away than you help. 

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