Book Review: Being Church Doing Life

Being Church
Doing Life
Creating gospel communities where life happens
by Michael Moynagh

Christians worldwide are learning new ways to connect their faith to everyday life. Gospel communities are popping up everywhere - in cafes, gyms, tattoo parlors, laudromats. This movement, called Fresh Expressions, is attracting thousands and growing rapidly. With over 120 real life examples, Michael Moynagh describes easy ways for ordinary Christians to embrace this highly effective approach to local mission. Anyone can do it. 

The Revd Dr Michael Moynagh is based in Wycliffe Hall, Oxford where he conducts research for Fresh expressions UK. He has written or been the lead author of more than fifteen books including, A Church for Every Context. 

A lot of time I've heard about people who act one way at church and then another way at home, and are looked down on for it. Other are part time Christians that just seem to be there when it suits them, or in specific situation. Well Being Church Doing Life helps you be a Christian all of the time, and guides you through the steps with examples of other people, because it can be hard even if there are some people who make it seem so easy. If you like How to Pick up a Stripper  or Citizen you'll really want to read this book.

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