Blogging Lessons: Some People are Nice and Some Aren't

 I've been blogging for awhile and one thing that I've learned is that sometimes people are nice and sometimes they aren't. Now I know what you're thinking, yes Hanna that's how life is, but I mean that people on the internet are either a lot nicer than what is the norm is or they're a whole lot more rude. So I figured I could show you guys, four examples of what I'm talking about. Two are nice comments I've gotten, and two are not so nice. Of course since it's more interesting I'll start with the rude ones. 

 Then there's this girl, who I talked about before was a modest Nazi  and wrote rudely on my Summer Look with Fashion and Happy Things that I needed to "put a shirt on" and that my look wasn't modest at all. Well I deleted her comments, and forgot about it since it was a few months ago, and totally forgot about it until my phone notified me that Taylor Skinner commented saying "Still not modest", I mean seriously, even at twelve or whatever age she is, isn't it a little time consuming to refined a photo to try and start a fight with someone you don't know. I would say she needs a boyfriend but based on how she dresses (and even more importantly her personality), funny since she was telling me what to wear, that isn't going to happen. 

My other rude one isn't by a person but rather a company. If you remember I did a review about Downbeats Hearing Protectors and how they worked with my bird's noise. Well "someone" commented that I wasn't using the product as it was intended to be used and my review was useless and I was a "loon". Since the posted anonymously I couldn't say who it was but since they came from the companies's email, I think it's pretty clear it was them plus I've never had someone say a review is useless... Sorry you guys that downbeats don't actually work for concerts, they make it so I can only hear the mid tones and trying to keep positive with the review I wrote about what they could do. But maybe I should have wrote about that. I think it's hilarious that they (the company is a two man show) thought that would be the best way to get me to change my review.


First up is an Instagram screenshot. Awhile back when I posted a picture of my casual skirt collaboration on Instagram , a girl commented on my photo, and I try my best to like or comment on people's photos when they do so on mine. So that's what I did, saying that's she's pretty, and as you can see part of her photo above, she is very pretty! And she commented back saying I was prettier (not sure at all that's true) and I thought it was really sweet. 
If you guys don't have a google plus, I totally recommend it, not just because of the unlimited free picture storage but because the communities. Not only is it fun to see pictures of things you like, mine are cute cats and Pokemon, but the people are almost always really friendly. I had this Rapidash drawn for me, and even though it isn't the best looking, it's way better than I could do and very cute. 

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