Bella and Bear Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler (Review + Giveaway)


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 Even though I naturally, actually sort of unnaturally but that a whole other story, have large eyes I'm always trying to make them look bigger. Either through makeup tricks or circle lenses, and sometimes even photoshop.  So you can imagine how excited I was to learn about the Bella and Bear eye lash curler because as you can see above just using it and one coat of mascara can make a huge difference, the best part though is that you can win one too, but you'll have to read on. 

Below is what the Bella and Bear eyelash curler looks like. Of course I had to show it with the box because it's absolutely adorable. I love the retro floral design with polkadots. More important though is the eyelash curler itself, and I have no complaints at all, and that's coming from someone who's quite picky about what they put near their eyes. 

 Although I know that eyelash curlers are quite popular, I've always been a little afraid to use them. I've managed to both damage my lashes and pinch my eyelids with previous ones, so I did take caution. Bella and Bear pleasantly surprised me with their Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler though.Starting with the handle it's so easy to use, and however this design is made must be perfect because every time I use it, even as inexperienced as I am, it gets all the lashes. The best part though is the pad, it is designed so that you'll never need a new one.  Bella and Bear is so sure of their Eye & Mighty eyelash curler that it has a lifetime guarantee. As you can see below I'm quite a fan because it makes my eyes really pop. 

 Before we get to the giveaway, I just wanted to show you guys a few pictures of the packaging that the Eye & Mighty Eyelash Curler. Obviously I had to show you the cute box, but more importantly there is a card with more information for discounts and such. But now to the giveaway.

The rules are pretty simple be a follower of me and like the 

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