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I absolutely love fancy dresses. If it was possible I'd wear one every day. The thing is, these kind of "fancy" that I'm so fond tend to be not only pricey but very hard to find. Luckily though I found an online shop that specializes in prom dresses, and evening dress, and wedding dresses which I'll get to later, because first I want to talk about their prom dresses, and evening dresses

That store is Aviva Dress. Here are six styles that I managed to narrow my favorite down to. The first is a gorgeous blue short dress with a lace front. The red next to it long red dress with a jeweled and mostly open back, perfect for those girls with a little more curves. Although the next dress isn't a color I could pull off, I loved the sweetheart cut, and it's actually available in two more colors.  The long blue dress, which has a full skirt looks like a perfect dress for a sweet sixteen because it screams princess.  Below that are two jeweled top dresses. One with an empire waist, and one with a very daring slit up the side. 
The other thing that I said I'd get to later are the beautiful wedding dresses that Aviva Dress has to offer, as well as a huge selection of Bridesmaid Dresses. I know that I'm a long way away from something like that, but from watching shows (like Say Yes to the Dress) and seeing a few in stores, I know that wedding dresses can be extremely expensive. The ones at Aviva Dress are very reasonably priced and you can even get free shipping. Oh and those bridesmaid dresses are all so cute that you won't have to worry about your girls hating them. 

So go check out all that http://www.avivadress.co.uk/ has to offer you. 

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