App Review: Kitchen Scramble

I'm a big fan of cumulative apps, you know the ones where you actually progress instead of starting over at the beginning each time but a lot of times they can get boring after awhile of play time, like Traffic Racer or Clash of Clans and it starts to feel like a job. Well, I've been playing this new app Kitchen Scramble and I've yet to have that problem, so I figured after about a week's worth of play it was time for a review.

This game is very similar to Diner Dash except for the fact you're in a food truck, instead of a restaurant and don't have to seat people or take their orders. The thing that really makes this better than Diner Dash though is the fact that it's free with in-app purchases that you don't really need. You're given groceries that replenish themselves after a set time that you need to play the games and coins (that you earn through serving customers) that can go towards kitchen equipment. 

You start with a map that looks like the second picture, and then spend ten groceries per game to play. It starts you out small with just a frying pan, and then you work up to more and more tools. The people have ideas above them saying what they want you grab the ingredients and put in on the tool (there is a recipe book to help you out) and then move onto the next thing while you wait for it to finish. Give it to the customer and then they'll leave a set amount plus a tip based on how quickly you served them. Your stars for each place (level) are based on the amount of money you get.

Although this app does crash sometimes, and at least for my iPhone 4 isn't as sensitive on touch as I'd like, I love it. It's a fun game to play when you have a little time, and it's perfect for little kids to introduce them to the fun in cooking, and provide a little know how on how different foods are made. The simple things like the counter telling you how many people are left for the round and fun graphics really make Kitchen Scramble a great app to play.

Overall 4/5

Usefulness N/A
Entertainment 5/5
Educational 3/5

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