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Eye Makeup Wish List 

Every Saturday, I hope to get a blog post up that has a video of my cat doing cute thing see old caturday video but of course she rarely does something that anyone other than me would think is cute. So instead of featuring her I decided to make a wish list of eye products that I want. I know it isn't exactly common to give a little bit of information with a wish list but of course I had to share why  exactly I picked these nine eye products other than the fact that they just look pretty. 

  1. Neon Pallet - Summer is already here, and I feel like I absolutely need this pallet full of neon eyeshadows so I can create wild makeup looks for any occasion. 
  2. Eye Makeup Brushes - Although I do have a set of full sized makeup brushes, they can be a pain to bring along on trips, hence adding this travel sized set to my list. Plus how can you not love the fun colors.
  3. Eyeliner - I've been looking for a good black eyeliner since I lost my last one, and have yet to get one that works for me.
  4. Concealer - It seems like over the past few months I've developed dark circles, something I didn't have before, and I need this under eye concealer to fix it. 
  5. Eye shadow - To go with my eyeliner of course I need a black eyeshadow for a beautiful smokey eye. 
  6. Eyeliner Sticker - Okay, I have no idea if these things actually work or not, but I want to try out eyeliner stickers. 
  7. False Lashes - Since doing my first false eyelash review I've used them for every time I wanted to "look fancy" and this pair looks superb.  
  8. Mascara - I'm always on the lookout for a better mascara, to help out my false lashes of course and after reading the reviews this one seems perfect. 
  9. Moisturizer - I've used this moisturizer before, and it did wonders for my skin so I plan on getting it again. 

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