Uniquely You: Modcloth I Ladylike It Like That Dress

Just the other week I was contacted by the people over at Modcloth to be a part of their 'Uniquely You' Campaign and of course I had to participate. I was picked to style a dress that they picked for this week's part of the campaign the very cute floral number I Lady Like That Dress (it's 30% off right now!). Everything in this look is from Modcloth. For this outfit I changed it up a little and did two different looks with this dress. For my look on the left I went with a more conservative outfit, and on the right a hipster look both of which Modcloth has a lot to offer for. Just take a look at all the dresses they have .
Modecloth dress outfit
Look 1: Cardigan/ Shoes/ Dress (similar)
Look 2: Scarf / Bag/ Shoes/ Dress (similar

Modest Look

  • Floral Dress - This I Ladylike It That Way Dress is adorable and with it's wide sleeves and higher v-neckline make it perfect for a look that doesn't show a lot of skin on top. Not only that but the at the knee length is hard to find, and look good in a dress.
  • Heeled Sandals - These Boho Cute Wedges are the perfect summer heel. They have enough straps to stay on your feet, but they're open enough for hot weather. And of course I can never pass up a corked heel.
  • Green Cardigan - To match the with the floral print of the dress I added in a Modcloth cardigan.  It's perfect for a dress since it's cropped, which will make your legs look very long. 
Hipster Look
  • Floral Dress - Large prints are in, and why shouldn't they be? They look great on almost anyone. The cut of the dress though it what makes it really trendy. The skirt is absolutely perfect for giving the illusion of curves which I need.
  • Circle Scarf -  This Modcloth circle scarf was the first thing that I put as a part of this outfit. I absolutely love the pink color, and with a dress cut like the Modcloth one, it looks perfect.
  • Leather Bag -  Leather bags, or pleather, are durable and go with just about anything. I love this  Cambridge satchel one because it's a cross-body and it has very cool buckles. 
  • Strappy Sandals - These Festival Sunset Sky Sandals are so pretty. Not only do I love the pink color (that matches the circle scarf) but they're a great way to go with the strap trend without needing to wear a pair of heels. 

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