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Mondays are the hardest days for me to go to school. I spend my weekend going to my grandparents, baking cookies, and cleaning my room  and just trying to get things done around the house. Then I have to get up early in the morning, and get to school, where I should be studying, but I'm too busy worrying about how I'm going to do on the latest test, and there really isn't much to study since the class lesson is very short on test days. So I just sat their staring at my book. It all ended up okay though because I got a B on this test, but it's back to studying until Thursday afternoon. I feel like all week all I do is her overwhelming amount of homework problems and study for the test. 

After coming home from school, I convinced my driver friend to take me to the post office to drop off a package and then we went to get fast food even though he offered not to go because of my diet. There were supposed to be men working but from the time I rushed in to get my package to about 3 hours later, they weren't there. They "had to get something" since they did do a lot today I guess I can't complain too much. I tried to do some school work then but it didn't really work out.
taking online survey on phone
 Later in the day I received an email to do a survey monkey survey, which I always do since they donate to a charity for everyone you do, but I almost exited out of this one because it was asking too many personal questions. The make and model of my car as well as what year it is, and then if I have a warranty but I did it anyways, and as it turns out I'm almost up to $30 in donations for the American Diabetes Association. I should go through and enter all the amazon gift card things when I have time but until this summer session is over I don't know when that will be. 

pulling on the leash checkers
After dinner my family decided to go on a walk together to get my medicine from CVS and although my father and I didn't want to take the dog, my mother did so of course she got to go. Sometimes she's a terrible walker pulling and seemingly almost choking herself and today was one of those days. On the way there we were going to go give a family friend something but they weren't home. When my mother went up to the door though checkers started crying and pulling hard on the leash until she came back. 
what's cvs bag for meds
 While my father and I went to get the medicine my mother and dog stayed outside. We went by the magazines, nothing interesting except a few girls hat looked way too thin, and then I had to do all the stuff for my medicine. Asking for it and signing anyways, my dad did the paying part. 
chick in hand
When we came back through our family friends were driving by so we went up to their house, where we got to see the chicks that they have. They originally had one, remember that chicken box, and like it so well that they got four more. Unfortunately one is going to have to go back because it's a roster and they live in town. We came home, and I've been trying to do some math, but it isn't exactly working out. 

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