Sprucing Up a Pot By the Porch Entry

Just a little while ago I should you guys the current state of my backyard garden, and since then not much of anything has changed. Well except a few plants are providing. But something that I did do was this project of sprucing up a pot that leads to the front entry of my house. To start with there were dead plants, and lettuce growing in there. I'm not sure why exactly the lettuce was there, sometimes my mother has crazy ideas, but I pulled almost everything out. The lettuce I put by the side of the shed in case any rabbit wanted it (much better than them taking from the garden) and the composted the dead things. I kept the red flowers and planted them around the edge of our circular pot. In the middle went a discount lilac plant, and along with the red flowers a few cute white ones went on the edge. I'm hoping that this planting turns out looking as nice as when I planted the Pink Passion Caladium Bulbs 

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